In 2010, Josef Tzegai Yohannes had a visionary idea—to create his own superhero, The Urban Legend. Fueled by his experiences in African countries and a desire to provide positive role models for children of color, Josef crafted a superhero advocating for those without a voice.

Despite initial rejection in Norway, Josef persisted. Taking his vision to Comic Con in San Diego, he secured a deal with a publisher. Soon, The Urban Legend featured in USATODAY, marking a significant breakthrough.

Recognizing the impact, The Nelson Mandela Foundation invited Josef to become a Nelson Mandela ambassador in 2014. Collaborating, they initiated a project for South African schools, creating a special series for children. The Urban Legend earned acclaim, winning the title of Best Entrepreneurial Artist at the Nordic Startup Awards in 2018 and the OXLO award in Norway in 2021.

The superhero has addressed critical issues in special editions, from bullying to racism, climate change, and first aid. Integrated into school curricula globally, The Urban Legend has partnered with renowned organizations like The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Malala Yousafzai, Audi, Disney, 20th Century Fox, and the Rainforest Foundation.

More than a superhero, The Urban Legend embodies a reminder to be a good human. It emphasizes that creating change and helping others starts with ourselves—an everyday message it aims to share with everyone.

Steve Baker is the illustrator behind the captivating visuals that bring The Urban Legend to life.